Ford Lake Project

Ford Lake Uranium Project (FLP) covers an area of 6358 hectares in the most prospective uranium corridor in the world, ~11km northwest of the Key Lake Mine, site of the largest uranium mill in the world. Cameco’s Key Lake, which produced over 200 million lbs of uranium, now processes ore from the McArthur Mine.

Interpretation of magnetic data led to the identification of the Ford Lake Zone, which lies within the larger northeast trending Brown Lake Fault Zone (BLFZ). Selection of this roughly 300m long by 50m wide target was based on RDI and MAG3D sections that show the subtle but clear resistivity lows (conductive halos) coinciding with the district scale fault running NNE direction across the zone. These resistivity lows may correspond to illite clay alterations above the unconformity. Immediately to the SE of the target zone is the Brown Lake. The conductive lake sediment is clearly visible as the top conductive layer south of the conductive halo over the target zone. Processing and Interpretation were carried out under the supervision of Alexander Prikhodko, P. Geo.

The Company is extremely pleased with the identification of this target which lies on the same magnetic trend (BLFZ) as the Shift Lake Uranium Zone and after further analyzing data will design further programs to investigate this highly prospective zone.

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