Patterson North East Project

The PNE covers an area of ~7754 hectares; ~21km northwest of the Patterson Lake South Project where Fission Uranium Corp. announced a NI 43-101 resource estimate of over 105 million lbs U3O8 for their Triple R deposit (Fission press release of January 9, 2015). The PNE Project also adjoins Fission 3.0 Corporation’s Patterson North Project, where concentrated exploration activities have been focused. Property access is excellent, with all year road that it connects to the Big Bear Camp, ~10km to the South.


The PNE Project was last investigated in 2014 by Zadar Ventures, which completed a 5.70 line-kilometre D.C. Resistivity survey, initiated by Zadar as an extension of the North Grid survey area belonging to Fission 3.0 Corporation, as part of Fission’s Patterson Lake North project. As a result of the data-sharing agreement reached between Zadar and Fission, an additional 17 line-kilometres of survey coverage on Fission’s North Grid survey was extended onto the PNE mineral dispositions. In addition an extensive radon gas survey, employing 254 Alpha-Track radon cups, was completed. Radon is a decay product of uranium and correlates directly to the presence of uranium

The geophysical survey was successful in identifying over 4.5km of subsurface conductors, which are arching and generally in a northsouth orientation, confroming to a semicircular magnetic high. The pursuit and investigation of subsurface conductive anomalies is the most successful exploration model in the Athabasca Basin. Basement depths at the PNE Project range from 450-500m.